My name is Siân Morgan, I live in Manchester in the UK and I am currently on a BTEC Jewellery Design course at The Manchester College.

I started this blog because I was inspired by all the wonderful plus size fashionistas who break all the fat girl rules that I felt bound to. Since then I've broken quite a few of those rules myself and I've started developing my own personal style, which I want to share with others.

On occasion I blog about the jewellery I make and the other crafts that I do in my spare time, such as knitting, painting, drawing, sewing and writing badly. I am very much an amateur blogger, so if you see anything you think I could improve I am open to suggestions.

I am beauty newbie, but I want to provide more reviews and swatches of my stash over time.

I love poetry, live comedy, watching bad horror films and worse tv shows.

I'm also a huge supporter of human rights and equality for all. So this is a no sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia or ableism space.

Here's a post detailing a few more things about me.

Need to know anything else? Just contact me.

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