Tuesday, April 21, 2015

OotD: Back in Black

Boo! Its me!
It has been many, many months, but I've been very disenchanted with blogging and winter makes my depression flare up in horrible ways. I haven't been dressing in anything more than sweatpants indoors and whatever I grab when I'm off to uni. Trying to combat that and the sun is really helping with that. Though I might start taking pictures of what I deem "unbloggable" outfits because I am not a perfectly polished and turned out individual, I'm afraid, but it could be an interesting experiment.

Corset Top ~ Bought from a facebook group
Mesh Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Batwing Cardigan ~ Domino Dollhouse
Sunglasses ~ Thierry Mugler
Cat Eye Glasses ~ Derek Cardigan
Lace Topped Socks ~ ASOS
Velvet Creepers ~ Dr Martens
Thorin's Key Necklace ~ NiqueGeek on etsy

Black on black because goths refuse to give up the look even when the sun decides to burst through the Manchester clouds. Here I am before my latest hair dying session, off to a needle felting class, which if you follow my instagram, you know I'm rather smitten with it.

I am in love with these sunglasses, they are even prescription, which is making my life in the sun absolutely 100% better this spring/summer. I think they really add some edge to my outfit too, so they'll be worn with everything from now till the sun goes away again.

My new glasses finally arrived! They are Derek Cardigan 7005, its nice having another shape option from my normal boxy, nerd glasses. I've always stuck with one pair until I needed to change my prescription, but I love being able to change them out if I'm feeling more feminine or think one would go with a look I'm planning better.

Its obviously been too long, look how rubbish I've gotten at posing! Oh dear, oh dear!

Hope you're all well and having fun in the sun!