Sunday, November 02, 2014

Review: Ann Harvey Astrakhan Coat

Gosh, I forget how busy university makes me! I'm having a lot of fun, went to Dutch Design Week, been hand making paper and learning how to bind books! Such is the life of a 3D Design Student. :)

Halloween Pumpkin Dress ~ Boohoo Plus
Faux Fur Textured Coat ~ Ann Harvey*

Velvet Creepers ~ Dr. Martens
Lipstick ~ Candy Apple by Revlon

*I was given this item as to review, so did not pay for it. My thoughts and feelings here are my own.

I was contacted a little while ago to see if I would like to review a piece from the new Ann Harvey collection. I have to say this piqued by interest as Ann Harvey has such a set image in my mind, I have never bought anything from Ann Harvey previously as I've always considered it for an older customer, it being more expensive than New Look and its ilk as well as a more mumsy image.

Looking at the new collection I was rather more impressed than I expected to be, perhaps my tastes have changed since last I looked at the brand, as that was probably in my teens this is very likely. While its definitely not a young, disposable trend factory, its definitely has a lot of pieces that could work for a variety of ages.The pieces feel classic, easy to add to your wardrobe and I chose this lovely coat, which fits into the textured coat trend that seems to be all the rage this Autumn/Winter. My mother has already claimed borrowing rights and it looks just as lovely on her as it does on me.

The collection in general goes from a 16-32 size range, but this is one of the items which only reaches a 28. Not quite as galling as that Kelly Brook SimplyBe collection which only had only a couple of items over a 28, but still a tad disappointing as I consider this coat to be one of the stand out pieces of the collection. I am usually a 22/24, but I always go for a 24 in coats, which in this instance was a good thing, the coat buttons up and feels rather lovely and comfortable. I don't think I could wear anything substantial under it like a jumper or cardigan as well, but as someone who runs hot this really doesn't bother me. If I had bought a 22 it wouldn't have done up at all, so I would recommend sizing up.

The material of the coat is gorgeous, its very soft and so warm, I can see this being great for when it gets icy cold in Manchester! I also really love the collar, I don't usually do up coats, but the effect you get with this one is worth it. I have to say I felt very cute and cosy in these pictures!

At £90 it is expensive, but its also fully lined and feels like a quality garment, so hopefully will still be looking good for many years to come.

As for the rest of the collection, I do have my eye on this red dress, which I think is really beautiful. Despite red being the one of the only colours I just do not wear at all, I think I could rock it.

What do you guys think of Ann Harvey?