Monday, December 23, 2013

Be Safe This Christmas

Christmas can be a very hard time of the year. Depression, anxiety, family problems and alcoholics family members can make Christamas hard for me personally and I know there are many of you out their with similar problems. I just want everyone to be safe this Christmas, so if you feel in danger in anyway or just need to vent, please call one of these numbers below.

If you are suicidal or in danger of hurting yourself, please call 999 (UK) or your own country's emergency services. Please do not go through this alone, ask for help, it doesn't make you weak, it makes you indescribably strong.

Remember to make your safety number one, especially during hard times like the holidays.


0300 123 3393


08457 90 90 90

Alcoholics Anonymous

0845 769 7555
(As a child of alcoholics and someone who knows many people who have gone through addiction with and without AA I cannot promote them here. I believe they are more harm than help. Below are alternatives.)

National Alcohol Hotline

0800 917 8282

NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics)

0800 358 3456


Info line 08000 50 20 20

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

0207 837 7324

0845 767 8000

Preventing young suicide

0800 068 4141

For people in Northern Ireland

0808 808 8000


0800 1111



0808 2000 247

Eating Disorders Association

0845 634 1414


0808 800 4444

NHS Direct

0845 4647

No Panic

0808 808 0545

Cruse Bereavement Care

Child Death Hepline

0800 282 986

Hearing Voices Network

  0114 271 8210

Age UK Advice Line
0800 169 6565

 National Self Harm Network

0800 622 6000

Talk To Frank (Drug information & advice)

 0800 77 66 00

Rape and Abuse Line
0808 8000 123 (Answered by Female Support Workers) 
0808 8000 122 (Answered by Male Support Workers)

SupportLine Telephone Helpline
01708 765200

(Confidential emotional support for Children, Young People and Adults. Also keeps details of agencies, support groups and counsellors throughout the UK)

If you need someone, please call one of these numbers. You are NOT alone over Christmas, there are people out there that care, I care.


I know a lot of people have problems talking on the phone (or do not have the privacy to do so), so this year I am adding some online chat resources.

(If you are in crisis or considering suicide, please click the Chat Now button to talk with one of our volunteers.)

You can email the Samaritans at

Mental Earth
Online chat capabilities for those with mental illness

Now have an online chat system.

If you know of any that should be on this list, please share and I will add them on.


Combat Stress
A Veteran & Soldier's Mental Health Charity
Helpline 0800 138 1619