Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 3 Films

Three Films:

My favourite film it made me completely change my view of films. I had quite a low view of "old" movies before seeing this and I ignored anything made before the year 2000! Ridiculous I know as there are so many great films of all eras. The tension in 12 Angry Men and the way its shot all in one room is masterful. You're gripped every second and I highly recommend it to all.

As mentioned on my Ten Secrets post I can get obsessive, which leads me to see everything in a particular genre or with a particular actor in it. I am so glad this happened with Joseph Gordon Levitt or I would never have ended up seeing Manic. I watched it for the first time just after I had been diagnosed with bipolar II, while the title suggests its all about bipolar disorder its actually about mental illness in teens and young adults in general. Really interesting and has a special place in my heart though trigger warnings for suicide, abuse, mental health issues and talk about assault. Don Cheadle is incredible in his role I am very suprised he didn't win any awards for his performance.

 Stanley Kubrick, Peter Sellers & very dark cold war humour? Classic! If you haven't seen this please do yourself a favour and give it a go. Its so funny, dark and surreal, you'll be quoting it for years to come.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 4 Books

Four Books:

This one was very difficult so few choices and for someone who loves books as much as I do cutting the numbers down is so difficult!

  •  The Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman
I've always been a big reader and love Neil Gaiman so when my oldest brother let me borrow his cool graphic novels as a young teen I went through them voraciously. Since then I've read them around once a year and each time they remain breath taking pieces of art and literature. The story is massive, the characters completely unique and the surreal is reality.

  • Moon Palace by Paul Auster
This book was lent to me by a good friend who I'm terrible at keeping in contact with. I left it lying around for ages, then when I picked it out I didn't sleep because I could not put it down. The story is about existentialism, writing, observation and hardships, it is mystifying, intriguing and all consuming. I laughed, cried and daydreamed my way though this book, it also introduced me to Paul Auster who is now one of my very favourite authors.
  • Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? By Jeanette Winterson
Semi-sequel to the fabulous Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, this book was written almost 20 years after that half autobiography/half fiction book came out. Why Be Happy is more fact based and is a very interesting look in Winterson's mind. This book is about Winterson's journey for identity, love, home and belonging as an adoptee as well as a lesbian and woman.
  • The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Sir Ken Robinson
 A non fiction book about creativity, the education system and the diversity of intelligence. I am a huge fan of Sir Ken, his TED Talk is pretty famous by now and his writing style is much like his speaking style, easy to access, entertaining and full of passion. The book is also full of interviews with people who found their passion and pursued it despite those in the education system trying to stifle them.

Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Day You Challnge: 5 Foods

Five Foods:

  •  Pancakes: Food of the gods.
  • Fillet Mignion: Had it in Tenerife and it was one of the best meals of my life.
  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream: I am a little obsessed, its so pricey, but worth it, especially the new Peanut Butter Core version.
  • Roast Dinner with the Works: Yum.
  • Beef Wellington: Before this I didn't realise what a meat eater I am! This is the best though especially my mum's version with potatoes dauphinoise.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places You Want To Go

Six Places You Want To Go:

  • The Vincent van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.
  • New York especially the MOMA and the sites.
  • Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.
  • New Zealand.
  • London (I've been, but I'd like to explore properly as an adult.)
  • All across America.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OotD (Marvelous Mondays Late Post): Blue Skies Are Forming

And a very late Marvelous Mondays to you, my dear followers.

No post on me on Monday due to some post burglary blues, but I am back on my feet and my course show was tonight. So I put on an outfit and some ridiculous lipstick!

All phone pictures I'm afraid as my camera was stolen in the robbery. Blog Sale is still going on to raise money to get a new one, thank you so much to those who have already bought something. :)

Black Metalic Zip Skirt ~ Domino Dollhouse
Ink T-Shirt ~ Marks & Spencers
Creepers ~ Underground UK
Planchette Necklace ~ Handmade
Resin Heart Brooch ~ Handmade
Rose Earrings ~ Handmade
Jewellery Is Life Badge ~ London Design Gallery
Lipstick ~ Apocalips by Illamasqua

Oh yes the much lusted after Zipper Skirt! Spent some of my last pennies on it a while ago and all I can say is.... Worth it!

I don't know what it is about Domino Dollhouse, but their clothes fit me so well. Most shops I preemptively size up or have to buy 3 versions before I find something that fits me.With DD I have only sent one thing back and that is the first thing I bought because I sized up too high as I was used to it!

The material is really lovely stretch spandex with a great eye catching metallic shimmer to it and the zip at the front is an awesome chunky piece, which I adore. It is longer than I expected, I am 5 foot 7 (ish) and it goes to my knees. I do like how it looks though, next time I'm going to put a DD petticoat underneath for extra flounce.

Wish I had better pictures of my accessories, which are all made by me, but my phone's camera is sucky. I figured I best wear my own wares at my end of year show though its all made of polymer clay whereas my college work is made of metal mainly.

Last monday's challenge theme was "Inspired by a Song" and I chose Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale as its about new beginnings.

 Blooper Time!

My phone case is Marceline from Adventure Time so she was facing me when my brother took my pictures, so I decided to act like a vampire for a few shots. I do not know what is wrong with me sometimes!

Hope you're all well, my doves.

10 Day You Challenge: 7 Wants

Seven Wants:

  • I want to get into a good programme next year. (Preferably the MMU 3D Design course.)
  • I want to work for myself in a creative field.
  • I want a tattoo and a septum piercing.
  • I want to try enamelling.
  • I want to try a dress from Gloomth.
  • I want to learn to sew my own clothes.
  • I want to meet more bloggers in real life. (Going to Plus North soon and hopefully the next clothes swap!)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Day Challenge: 8 Fears

Eight Fears:

  •  Spiders: Predicatable, but they're eight legged devils and I will not suffer one to live (in my house. I get other people to throw them outside).
  • Still Darkness: You know what I mean, when you switch off the lights by yourself and its silent, everything is so still that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You feel your stomach drop and you can't move because you're sure there is something waiting in the dark. Mwahaha.
  • Drunk People: As a child of alcoholics I am very wary around drunk people and do not enjoy their company at all.
  • Space Invaders: Nope not the vide game, but people who get way into my personal space. (Unless I know and like you)
  • Falling: Since breaking my leg by falling down some stairs the idea of falling again really freaks me out.
  • Death: Obvious, but I when I'm depressed especially I get terrified of death and what happens there after.
  • Public Humiliation: I have social anxiety, so talking in public even just in a group can be very scary for me. When someone plays a "funny"joke on me or mocks me in front of people it can cause me to have panic attacks.
  • The Ocean: Its deep, unexplored, we only know a small amount of whats in it, why would anyone go swimming in the ocean? Also its basically full of evil like sharks, dolphins and swimming knives.

Monday, June 24, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

9 Loves:

  • My mother and my two brothers.
  • Animals, especially dogs, I possibly love them more than people.
  • Intersectional feminism. I love smashing the white supremacist, ableist, transphobic, sexist, homophobic patriarchy.
  • Art and crafts, whether its doing some cross stitch or going to a gallery, I love soaking up some art. 
  • Lipstick, I own way too many, but I love them all and keep buying more! Catch all the colours!
  •  Books, I love reading and have so many books on a lot of varied topics around the house. Since getting my kindle I can read all I want without cluttering my house as much!
  • Jewellery, of course, as a jewellery design student I adore jewellery in all its forms. I am particularly fond of hand fabricated work with a dark sense of humour or quirkiness to it.
  • Sleeping, I find it hard to fall asleep so when I do its wonderful.
  • Travelling, unfortunately I don't get to do this as much as I'd like, but exploring a new place is so much fun!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

Ten Secrets:
  • I cannot ride a bike despite being taught twice, every summer I say I'll try and learn again!
  •  I have very fuzzy, early memories of my great grandmother, I have no idea if they're real or not.
  • I can only fall asleep in pitch black while listening to podcasts on my iphone. I'm partial to The Bugle, Kevin Smith's various podcasts and You Look Nice Today.
  • I got a failing mark on an Easter based arts and crafts project in primary school. I was probably about 7 and had my first panic attack.
  • I am quite obsessive, for example, if I like an actor in something I will look them up and watch everything I can find they've been in or if I read a book and like that author or topic everything will revolve around that. My designs and school work even gets affected by these obsessions.
  • I find it almost impossible to guess someones age correctly.
  • I spent my whole life never wanting children. In the last year I've been questioning this though I still would never have biological children as I would prefer to adopt.
  • I feel constantly guilty that I'm not "out" in real life.
  • I have almost constant conversations and daydreams going on in my head, which might explain how quiet and spacey I am.
  • I remember seeing a documentary about cosmetic surgery as a small child where a woman was made taller and another had her feet made smaller. I really wanted both of these surgeries. I still would like to be taller and have size 7 or 8 feet though not with quite such drastic measures.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blog Sale Updated

As you may have seen yesterday on Thursday my house was robbed and thousands of pounds in electronics, jewellery, watches, games, blu-rays and my camera. So I'm now having a blog sale to raise money for a new camera so I can continue blogging.

This is an updated version of yesterday's sale removing what has been sold and adding a few better pictures.

A few pieces price has been lowered too!

Blog Sale Rules:
  •  Paypal only, comment with your paypal email address & item(s) you want.
  • Shipping inside the UK only. (Unless you're particularly persuasive).
  • £3 P&P on all clothing items, this will be reduced for anyone buying multiple items
 IMAGE HEAVY after the cut.

Friday, June 21, 2013

News & Blog Sale: Playsuits, Dresses, Tops and Jeans UK Size 18 - 24

No easy way to say this so.... Yesterday our house was robbed, some bastards broke in stole our cameras, my camcorder, several game consoles, games, blu-rays, jewellery, watches and the jewellery box my now deceased Nain gave me, which was thankfully retrieved from where they left.

Thankfully no one in our house was hurt and some should be recoverable on insurance, but we're not sure how much and when. This has left me without a proper camera, so my ability to blog has been compromised until I can get a replacement.

So I've decided to sell some clothes so I can get afford another camera, plus you'll get a lovely piece of clothing out of it too!

BLOG SALE: Image Heavy Under The Cut

Monday, June 17, 2013

Marvelous Mondays: Old Faithful

Welcome to the another instalment of Marvelous Mondays, a weekly blog challenge between myself and four other fabulous fatshion bloggers. 

Make sure to go check out their outfits today, too! Links are at the bottom of the post.
Our philosophy: Monday is nobody’s favorite day of the week, but maybe its terrible reputation is a little undeserved. We’re on a mission to make ours (and hopefully yours) a little less awful by dressing marvelously!

Theme of the Week: Old Faithful

Striped Peter Pan Top ~ Next
Velvet Maxi Skirt ~ Thrifted
Black Denim Vest ~ New Look Inspire
Creepers ~ Underground UK
"Buy Milk" Acrylic Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives
Crossbones Brooch ~ Made by Me
Lipstick ~ Vamp It Up by Wet N Wild

I suggested this theme which is based around an item in your wardrobe that you wear all the time, something easy that you can throw on and you're so worried about it getting ruined. For me this is this top, which I have worn in so many different ways, to my college interview, to fancy restaurants and much less fancy pubs. Its super versatile, comfy and can be dressed up or down, why didn't I buy five of them?!

Unstyled hair and minimal make-up today because I spent the day with a friend I haven't seen in a year playing xbox kinect games. This is a pretty typical casual day outfit for me, comfy maxi skirts and pattern tops are my everday not going out look of choice.

If you want to join our challenge just contact me or one of the other Marvelous Monday ladies.

Now check out everyone else's outfits!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The End is Nigh

Dramatic title, I know, especially when you realise I am in fact talking about the end of GFC, which is disappearing in about 3 weeks now. Most of my followers follow through Google Friend Connect, so I thought I'd show you various ways you can follow my blog when this service is no more.

Most bloggers seem to be migrating to bloglovin' which I have an account at here.

Follow on Bloglovin

If you look to the right hand side of the page you can also subscribe to my blog through email.

I've also just made a facebook page for this blog because I know not everyone has bloglovin', but facebook is pretty common. Sort Life Out; Buy Milk's facebook page is here, please come like it, so I don't feel all alone. ;P

I am also on twitter as @sianmorgan where I will post blog updates and general musings as well as trying to stay in touch with other wonderful blogger babes.

I also have an instagram which is mainly selfies and pictures of dogs.

So there are plenty of ways to follow me after GF goes away. If there is anything you think I've missed or you think I should join tell me below.

Thanks. Xxx

Monday, June 10, 2013

Marvelous Mondays: Pattern Mixing

Welcome to the another instalment of Marvelous Mondays, a weekly blog challenge between myself and four other fabulous fatshion bloggers. 

Make sure to go check out their outfits today, too! Links are at the bottom of the post.
Our philosophy: Monday is nobody’s favorite day of the week, but maybe its terrible reputation is a little undeserved. We’re on a mission to make ours (and hopefully yours) a little less awful by dressing marvelously!

Theme of the Week: Pattern Mixing

TV Print Dress (As Top) ~ Chelsea Girl at River Island
Dogtooth Peplum Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Rib Cage Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives
Heart Earrings ~ Black Heart Creatives
Burgundy Velvet Flatforms ~ Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens
Glasses ~ KissKill
Lipstick ~ Charmed, I'm Sure by MAC (Marilyn Monroe Limited Edition)
This week's theme was quite a challenge to me as generally I wear a lot of block colours and if I wear a print it will be the only print in the outfit, so print mixing was a little intimidating to me. I actually ended up loving this outfit though because I felt really confident and I used two pieces that I rarely wear together. Score!

Showing off my Black Heart Creatives rib cage necklace and the gorgeous tv print on this dress, which is a size 16 by the way, I may wear it more now I've worked out I can wear it as a top! I know loads of bloggers wear dresses as tops, but I first saw it on the wonderful Natalie from XL as Life as a way to wear bodycon dresses if you're not quite ready to wear it alone.
My earrings are upside down because I am a mess, but at least my hair and lipstick look good! ;P
If you want to join our challenge just contact me or one of the other Marvelous Monday ladies.

Now check out everyone else's outfits!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Flash The Flesh

 When a group of bloggers join together for a chat you know that the final result has to be super!! And so this happened once more when, a few days ago, we were talking about our preferences between mini and maxi and Becky  thought that it would be great to create a challenge which goal was to show a little bit more skin and our body (but with style and no vulgarity) showing proudly our curves. And so it was born “Flash the Flesh”.
Black Slip Dress ~ ASOS Curve
Buy Milk Necklace ~ Black Heart Creatives
Cunt Heart Earrings ~ Black Heart Creatives
Iron Fist Flip Flops ~ Amazon
Lipgloss ~ Angelika by Nars
Unfortunately I was not able to join the Flash the Flesh challenge the first time, but I'm very excited to be involved this time. I was thinking about my fashion choices and what part of myself I tend not to show, this caused me to realise something. You see, I always thought that I where short skirts, so I must show my legs off, right? Noooooooope, I tend to wear leggings all the time, so I decided to get the old knees out in the sun.
I know baring your arms tends to be quite a sore spot for fat women, we're so often told to cover up our "unsightly" upper arms, well fuck that. I'm kind of in love with my arms in these pictures, despite some sunburn from previous days sat in the sun!

Though many people would see this neckline as fairly conservative, you may have noticed I never wear low necklines, not because I don't like my chest. Really I am ambivalent about my chest, though I totally wish I had a bigger bust! So I consider this to be me flashing a bit of flesh too.

You see this awesome necklace, I won it in Black Hearts Creatives giveaway, who were wonderful through the whole process. They completely customised this piece for me, I chose the colour, font, size, words and I got in on two lines as well. I am really pleased with my how quickly it was made, sent and how gorgeous it looks. I'd really recommend them if you like acrylic, laser cut jewellery with a quirky and macabre edge.

Picture of my customised necklace, rib cage necklace and heart earrings from my instagram.

Check out the other ladies flashing some flesh:

Friday, June 07, 2013

Shoes of Prey: Design Your Perfect Shoes

I forget exactly how I stumbled onto Shoes of Prey, but I am oh so glad that I did! Its a site where you can design shoes, to your specifications and its so much fun.

As someone with large feet (UK size 9), its extremely gratifying to me that the shoes from Shoes of Prey go from a childs size 12 1/2 to adult UK 13 1/2 including all half sizes. Not only that but you can specify if you need a width adjustment from extra narrow to extra wide, as well as if you require shoes in different sizes for each foot. Any other requirements can be discussed with Shoes of Prey by emailing their customer service team. And from what I have seen on twitter they are a very friendly and helpful.

They even state that if you get in contact it is possible for them to make larger or smaller shoes though this would of course take more time and cost a little more.

So, what are my perfect shoes? Here's a few of my designs for you to find out!

I am a bit of a flatform obsessive and since breaking my ankle they're the best way for me to get a little height. I wish Shoes of Prey had a way to specify how high the flatform part was so you could have super high flatforms, which I would love, but might not be everyone's cup of tea.

They, of course, so heels as well and even though I can't wear them I love heels, so I made a few of them too.

Each part of the shoe type you choose can be changed and you can choose from many different kinds of leather, suede, snakeskin, cotton, silk, hair, sparkle material, fishskin and vegan leather. So there is definitely plenty to choose from! You can also order small sample pieces of each of the materials to get a better idea of what they will look like on the final product.

Depending on your outlook and budget you might think that the shoes are expensive, but considering you get to design the whole thing and the shoe is handmade I think they're fine value and should last you a life time if you look after them properly.

Though I do not have the money to splash out on any of these shoes just yet, I will continue having fun designing new dream shoes.

What would your dreams shoes consist of?

(This is in no way a sponsored post, I just liked the online designer a lot!)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

SimplyBe Blogger Take Over Manchester

My little blog is about a year and a half old, yet in all that time have I gone to a single event, meet up or clothes swap? Nope because I am big scaredy cat! I've seen plenty of opportunities and let them go by, but no more! 

On Monday the wonderful Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion tweeted that she had extra places at the SimplyBe Blogger Take Over event in Manchester, as a Mancunian and fashion lover I could not refuse. So I tweeted her and two days later I was walking into The Brindley Room and eyeing up some seriously hot plus size fashion. (And the other ladies were alright too. :P)

(Laura, Em and Lauren in there own designs for SimplyBe)

As you may know three bloggers were picked by SimplyBe to design their own pieces for the brand. These lucky three were Lauren (Pocket Rocket Fashion), Laura (What Laura Loves) and Em (Oh The Places You'll Go), as I was early I ended up slightly awkwardly sitting at a table with them. This did give me a great view of their dresses, which they wore for the event. Each dress is a great representation of each women, Lauren's ice cream & hot pink creation shows her quirky often irreverent style, while Laura's pink, floaty chiffon party dress is a reflection of her girly, glamorous personality and Emma's gorgeous form fitting, ruched dress with peacock inspired print speaks of her classic, chic, elegant style.

There really is something for everyone with these dresses, while I do like Laura and Emma's designs its definitely Lauren's that caught my eye personally. Lauren even sited me as the kind of person she was thinking about when she was coming up with the dress, cue much blushing from yours truly!

First up were several talks and presentations, including two videos which will be up on the SimplyBe blog by the end of the week, first off by the bloggers themselves talking about the process of designing their dresses. It was really interesting to hear how they came up with their ideas and how SimplyBe really gave them free reign on their dresses while keeping in mind what is physically possible to make. There was plenty of times for questions and I really enjoyed the informal, conversational atmosphere of the event, it definitely wasn't as nerve wracking as I had expected.

Two of the SimplyBe buyers talked about their jobs and gave us any idea of how collections are made from inspiration, trends to the finished garment on your back. The whole SimplyBe team were magnanimous and so obviously passionate about what they were doing. One thing I picked up on from the buyers, which I was not aware of previously was that SimplyBe has ethical factories, that are over the next few years going to bring in more measures to ensure that people are paid properly and given the safest working environment that can be achieved. This really impressed me as its something that I often think about, especially in "fast fashion" places, such as Primark which have such bad ethical codes in their factories.

Lunch was also provided and I would show you pictures, but I didn't take any because I was filling my face. Lets just saw it was yummy. I had a lovely time talking to Lauren, Lisa and Em about plus size fashion models and the way that the public reacts to truly plus size models.

To the side of the room was 5 rails, one for the in house brands at SimplyBe, one for swimwear and another two for the SimplyBe autumn/winter collection. After lunch we all had a rummage through and a chat to the SimplyBe team who told us to be candid as possible whether we loved or loathed the clothes.

From here the post will become incredibly image heavy.
All iPhone pics, I'm afraid.

OotD: Purple Mericorns & SimplyBe Blogger Take Over

Mericorn T-Shirt ~ TK Maxx
Pleather Vest ~ New Look Inspire
Vertical Striped Leggings ~ ASOS Curve
Black Skater Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Creepers ~ Underground UK
Earrings, Bracelets & Heart Brooch ~ Handmade
Lipstick ~ Kontrol by Illamasqua

On Monday, Lauren of Pocket Rocket Fashion put out on twitter that she had 4 places for a Simply Be event in Manchester today, I immediately jumped on this and spent all of Tuesday making myself look presentable. ;P

Gone is the horrible fading green and long part that I didn't know what to do with, in with the purple short hair. I'm in love with this colour, the sides are supposed to be lighter, but oh well.

The event was focussed on the three dresses that have been designed by Lauren (Pocket Rocket Fashion), Laura (What Laura Loves) and Emma (Oh The Places You'll Go). I will make a separate post about that, but suffice to say the dresses are gorgeous and I had a wonderful time.

 I have dubbed the creature upon this shirt a Mericorn, part unicorn made mermaid. I know the botoom is more likely a snake or something, but its my shirt!

And yes I dyed my eyebrows too! First time trying that so they're a bit lighter than I'd like, but I love the effect as usually I have no brows.

And, as always, an outtake:

My brother always manages to capture me at my worst!