Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OotD: I'm an Urban Mermaid!

Striped Peter Pan Dress ~ Domino Dollhouse
Spiked Alice Band ~ ASOS
SOPHIE Wristband ~ Illamasqua
Fountain Pen Earrings ~ Tatty Devine
Ruffle Socks ~ ASOS
Creepers ~ Undeground
Glasses ~ KissKill
Lipstick ~ Illamasqua "Apocalips"

My spur of the moment Domino Dollhouse order arrived today! I got this trapeze dress in a size 3X and it fits perfectly on my 20/22 UK frame. If you're a lot bustier than I am I would size up though.

At first the only piece I wanted from the Urban Mermaids collection was the bone dress, but  it sold out incredibly quickly and I have yet to get my paws on it. In a way I'm glad I didn't because otherwise I would never have ordered this dress and fallen completely in love.

I can see myself wearing it through the transition to autumn/winter as it is then adding cardigans and coats, tights & boots when it gets frosty. The shape is unusual and you never see a plus size piece with vertical stripes despite their "slimming" qualities. I also love a high neckline, but its got enough room in the collar not to be suffocating as some high necks can be.

I've noticed a few creases in these pictures, but they are not so noticeable in real life, except around the bust especially when sitting. I don't see it as a big problem, but I thought I'd point it out as I know some people have a real problem with creased clothes.

I thought I'd show as many angles as I could just sp non-US readers can get a good idea of what it looks like before they buy. Domino Dollhouse is one of the very few companies I would buy something from internationally, as it not cheap, but in my opinion this company is worth it.

I believe I've already written of my love for their petticoats, which maybe I ordered in mint & green on my late night order..... Me? Do that? Noooo, must be someone else! ;P

As soon as I slipped this dress on I knew I'd have to to add this headband to add a bit of a tough edge. Plus blue lips to really push the Urban Mermaids theme.

It is my birthday on sunday and as a little treat to myself I ordered my first pieces from Tatty Devine. These gorgeous fountain pen earrings and the little pierrot necklace from last weeks Weekly Wishlist.

Bonus dog picture because whenever I ask my mother to take pictures of me I always end up with twice as many pictures of the dogs! I can't blame her though, they are beautiful specimens.

Any of you bought anything from the recent Domino Dollhouse collection?

Monday, August 27, 2012

I Made It Monday: Tourniquet Scarf

I've been feeling down recently & haven't been making too much, so this Monday I am putting up a scarf I've been working on, only a third done, but its the most impressive thing I've made this week, I'm afraid. Its from the book Vampire Knits, which I got on a whim as I like vampires & alternative clothing, its a bit silly, but some of the patterns are pretty good. I think this will be a great scarf for winter.

How are you guys doing? Anyone made anything new this week? :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekly Wishlist 2: Jewellery Edition

1. Callooh and Callay Impossible Cube, $15
2. Regal Rose Hair Rings, £7-£11
3. Callooh and Callay Impossible Triangle, $15
4. GirlsKnow Men Are Disgusting Necklace, $19
5. SophieDear Galaxy Locket Large Necklace, £14
6. Rock 'N Rose Florence Oversized Floral Crown, £36
7. Tatty Devine Aarrghhhh Necklace, £45
8. Tatty Devine Pierrot Necklace, £5 Sale Price!
9. Tatty Devine Dinosaur Necklace, £114
10. Regal Rose Fire Opal Earrings, £12
11. Regal Rose Rainbow Quartz Ring, £28 On Sale
12. Rock 'N Rose Inverted Cross Kora Necklace, £18

This week I've gone jewellery mad. I've been designing a lot recently and am currently diying myself some jewellery storage as well, so I thought why not do a jewellery themed wishlist this week! I adore all these pieces and am going to slowly be adding them to my collection, hopefully. I think the one thing I look for in jewellery is a sense of fun & humour, if I can't see myself enjoyng wearing it then I can't see the point in buying it.

As you can probably tell I love Tatty Devine and could probably do a full wishlist of just their pieces. I really want my own name necklace someday.

I am always on the look out for new places to buy jewellery. Any of you have any recommendations for interesting jewellery companies?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

OotD: How I Cope with Summer Fashion

Bird Cropped Shirt ~ ASOS Curve
Puffball Skirt ~ ASOS Curve
Green Sunglasses ~ TK Maxx
Triskellion Necklace ~ Art Gallery
Sophie Armband ~ Illamasqua

I hate summer. Well, that might be going a bit far, but as someone who is half welsh I melt at temperatures over 22 C. I like the sun as long as it isn't harsh enough to burn me, as long as it doesn't make me sweat or mean that Porthmadog where my mother has a house isn't full of tourists.

So, I might hate summer, but at least British summers are mild and confusing, you always think its going to be baking then it rains, so you get out an umbrella then its suddenly 30 C and you die of heatstroke just getting your mail.

I think if I lived somewhere with real summers I would not cope, but in Britain there are a few ways to get on with your day. Here are my stages of summer fashion.... in autumn, I have great timimg by the way.

Stage 1: Tearing myself away from my mostly black, layered wardrobe.

Every year I panic when summer rolls around because I don't have any summer clothes, I have a few summer dresses and tops, but can I wear jeans? Are any of my skirts cotton? I think this is a common problem, especially for those of us on a more alternative fashion lifestyle.

Stage 2: Freeing your arms and other skin.

A few year ago, the only things I wore were men's t-shirts & jeans, so I had most of body covered up, discovering a more varied style was very shocking to my system, I still feel more comfortable covered up. So when summer comes I must remember my right to bare my arms, legs & sometimes even my belly & cleavage! (oh my!)

Stage 3: Get thee to your contacts & sunglasses.

I love sunglasses, I have several cheap pairs, but I am always ill prepared, I tend only to wear contacts in summer, so when summer arrives I am usually out and in need of a new prescription. This means a trip to the optician (who is lovely) and new lens.

Unfortunately the above sunglasses must have offended the beagle as he pulled off the arms & broke on the lens. My fault for leaving them out, but still sad as they were gorgeous.

Stage 3: Accept your sunscreen fate.

I have not left the country in about three years & if I were to holiday it would not be anywhere too hot as I have an aversion, but every year I forget that it gets hot enough to give you sunburn in my own fair land. Always slap some sunscreen on, burns are horrible, but skin cancer is worse.

I have to say I break this rule too often and will have to sit on the naughty step for a while.

Stage 4: Man Made Fabrics are the Work of the Devil.

Personally, I find this a year long idea, I wish more plus size stores did more in cotton, jersey & anything but polyester.

How do you guys deal with summer?

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Made It Monday!: First Post of Resin Jewellery

A few weeks ago I made a list of new consistent, weekly or monthly blog features that I wanted to start including. Over the last year (I cannot believe it has been a year!), I've realised that while I love plus size fashion and ootds, there is a lot more I want to include here. Right after deciding to change things I got into quite the depressive funk, so didn't do much about it, but now I will be initiating some of the new features.

I may have mentioned here that I love to diy and craft all sorts of things, but I don't know if I've said that I am returning to college this September to do a jewellery course. I've been making basic jewellery for almost 3 years and often sketch out more complicated pieces, these days I am far more experimental. So here I have two resin brooches that I've been playing around with.

If you know me well, you know I love pirates & glitter, so the first idea I got when using the resin was a glittery crossbones! I may have made this one a little too thick, but I really like how chunky & 3D it is, especially if you put on the lapel of a jacket. :)

This is a much more simple shape, but I was experiementing with what I could suspend in the resin, so I went to a craft store and got a load of diffeent size glitters & sequins. I like how these very large pieces of glitter give a very random pattern, though I did learn that they can trap little air bubbles, which can be seen on the surface. Not too distracting, but the reason I experiment is to learn! :)

Sorry about the pictures I am off to my friend's house for the night, so I am putting this up to queue for Monday, so they were taken very quickly.

Hope you guys like my brooches. :)

Do any of you make jewellery or any other crafty activity?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly Wishlist: Inner Goth Edition

1. ASOS Curve Leggings with Metallic Paint Splatter, £20
2. New Look Inspire Sheer PU Collar Shirt, £19.99
3. ASOS Curve Peplum Dress with Feather, £45
4. ASOS Orelia Skull Pendant Necklace, £10
5. ASOS Nose & Chain Earring, £6
6. Topshop Cross Collar Tips, £8.50
7. ASOS Curve Link and Plate Waist Belt, £12
8. New Look Inspire Sleeveless Denim Vest, £16.99
9. Jessica Louise Striped Skull Capri Leggings, $30
10. Evans Black Leather Fur Trimmed Boots, £89.50
11. ASOS Cath Kisdton 'A' Badge, £6 
12. New Look Inspire Black Leather Look Skater Skirt, £19.99
13. ASOS Spiked Epaulettes, £15
14. ASOS Lazy Oaf Batman Backpack, £55

Starting my new weekly wishlist, this week is all clothes, but its not always going to be. If I had to pick one item off this list it would be that ASOS feather peplum dress, its a dream dress. Unfortunately I don't have £45 to blow on a dress.

Also, I am done with summer I want my black clothes and layers back without boiling to death. I am channeling my inner goth this week. :)

NB. I ordered the faux leather skirt, sheer shirt & denim vest from New Look, but I am sending the skirt back. The other two items were nice, but the skirt is so nasty, the picture online looks lovely. The actual item is made of the cheapest, nastiest, shiny fabric. It is also not as full as the online pic and doesn fall nicely, like a skater skirt should. Dissapointed, but then again it was £20, so I shouldn't be too suprised.

If I had time I would replace it with this slightly more expensive, but hopefully better quality SimplyBe version:

Leather Look Skater Skirt, £38

What are you guys craving this week?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

OotD: A Hint of 60s Style

TV Print Dress ~ Chelsea Girl at River Island
Leggings ~ Florence & Fred at Tesco
Chunky Hoop Earrings ~ Accessorise
Triskellion Necklace ~ Art Gallery
Creepers ~ Underground
Lipstick ~ Perilous by Illamasqua

I think this might be my first post where I have contacts in! I tend to only wear contacts in the summer or when I'm going to the cinema. Hope my glassesless visage doesn't scare you guys too much! ;p

I look a mess in these pictures, I know, I seriously need my hair dying, but I love this outfit. This dress is a definite example of how when you shop you shouldn't just look at the size on the label. River Island does not go up to a 22, I believe it goes up to an 18 in its regular line though I might be mistaken. This dress is a size 16 and I had to have it.

The print is amazing and though 60s isn't my usual style I do have a weakness for that era.

I thought I would up to 60s style of the dress with orange lipstick and big eyelashes, but unfortunately these pictures were taken after I'd had to put contact lenses in and out at an eye appointment, so the lashes were very smudged and not as dramatic as they were supposed to be.

I used to hate orange lipsticks associating it with someone I do not get on with, plus I thought it would clash horribly with my red hair. I actually like it more now than when I was blonde.

A rare shot of both my dogs looking at the camera. Dylan, our beagle loves the camera, but Eccles the cocker spaniel usually runs away or hides when he sees the camera!

When I have my finances sorted a little more I am planning to go to the tattoo parlor! One tattoo I want is a purple pansy just like the one above on my foot. Pansies are my favourite flower and I associate them heavily with my welsh grandparents, so it would also be a tattoo to memorialise them. It would also show the fact that I finally accept that I am a pansy, that I can be feminine and it doesn't take away from who I am and that I am no longer in conflict over my sexuality. I'm a pansy and that's ok.

Any of you lovely people have tattoos?

Saturday, August 04, 2012

OotD: Good as Gold

Gold Aztec Print Tunic ~ ASOS Curve
Leggings ~ Florence & Fred at Tesco's
Gold Triangle Collar ~ ASOS
Gold Cuff ~ ASOS
Black Fake Gauge Earrings ~ ASOS
Gold Chain Ring ~ My Great Grandmother's
Black Box Bag ~ ASOS
Glasses ~ KissKill
Creepers ~ Underground
Gold Lipgloss ~ Illamasqua

Up until recently if you asked me if I wore silver or gold I would reply that I would never wear gold. I've always worn silver coloured jewellery and considered gold to be awfully tacky. I think this opinion was formed at the same time I swore I would never wear make-up or dresses because being "girly" was weak. As you can see, a lot has changed.

Originally I was going to go a little less over the top with just the collar and tunic being the only gold elements, but as I started to accesorise I thought, why not go all out?

The ASOS tunic was bought on a whim and I am so very glad I got it, as it is super comfortable and dressy enough that you could wear it day to evening.

Obligatory shot of my beloved creepers. I promise you guys I own other shoes, but these go with everything, in my humble opinion.

One piece that made me change my mind about gold was this ring. When my Nain and Taid (welsh grandparents) died I inherited some jewellery including my great grandmother's wedding ring. I don't think it would be half as beautiful in silver, so I've begun to see gold in a different light.

So, how about it readers, are you loyal to gold or silver?