Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beth Ditto MAC Collection Out Now.

The much anticipated Beth Ditto/MAC colaboration. I have been waiting an age for this.

My order is in three lippies (neutral pink, neon pink & the dark purple), three shade/liners (white/black, brown/blue, navy/light blue), the blue mascara and the beauty powder. And I cut down!

There seem to be a couple of items in the above pic not available in the UK, say the black nail varnish and the middle shade/liner.

Any of you guys Beth Ditto fans? Anyone else made an order? xxx

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OotD: Shakespeare & Crop Tops

 {Macbeth "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Crop Top ~ Tee & Cake at Topshop, Maxi Skirt ~ Sahara, Creepers ~ Underground, Glasses ~ KissKill}

Gotta admit, I am in love with the current crop top/bra top trend. Unfortunately getting one in my size is a bit of a challenge, I have the famouse Gisela Ramirez "Fuck Flattering" top, but that's in Leeds at the moment. When browsing Topshop's site for a bit of inspiration and jewellery shopping, I saw this top. I don't think I've mentioned on here, but I am literature geek, it was my favourite A-level and I tend to always have a book on me, I unfortunately couldn't hack it as a degree and since moving on from that have rediscovered my love of literature.

So a crop top with a Macbeth quote? Heaven.

I got it in a size 16 as the reviews said it was quite generous. Its a little snug, but I don't mind and it should be fun to pair with high waisted skirts through summer.

 {Bone Clips ~ Topshop, Spike Earrings ~ Topshop}

I love Topshop for jewellery and accesories, they always have some quite edgy pieces, like these massive earrings and bone hair clips. I know, I know, mixing silver and gold, what can I say, I'm a rebel. ;p

I've seen plenty of plus size girls on tumblr rocking a crop top while baring their midriff, while I am not quite brave enough to do this in public yet, it was nice to get a look at this crop top worn how it was designed to be worn.

I think now the weather (at in Britain) has gottten so warm I may start showing off my white as white can be tummy.

How about you guys? Anyone out there wearing crop tops this summer? Or are we anti-midriff?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Formerly Sian's Fatshion Rags

Hi, this a quick post just to say I have changed a few things around here.

First, the name, to be honest I've hated that name since I wrote it down. I don't want this blog's main focus to be fatshion and that word is starting to bug me anyway. So this is me changing this blog from just OotDs to more about me, my craft projects, things I'm interested, maybe some wishlists, more reviews of companies, cosmetics and maybe books too. Also, when I get my books back from my place in Leeds, there may be some of my poetry, writing and no doubt some ranting on subjects, such as feminism, liberty, work, family and mental health.

So "Sort Life Out; Buy Milk"? Its actually a to do list I wrote in one of years at college. I think it sums up how all over the place I am. Though I am heading back into the education system, so I'm a bit more on track, I still feel this is a time of change for me. I hope you guys will stay with me for this journey.

Lastly, I am pretty bad at changing the layouts on blogger, but this I like. Its got a scribbly, notebook quality to it.

What do you guys think of my new direction and look? If anything doesn't work/is hard to read just send a comment and I'll try and make it work.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ootd: Black & White With a Hint of Bright!

Haha, ok I am terrible at titles, but I'm tired, ok?

Here is another old set of photos from when I was in Wales. I thought I'd lost these too. :)

{Black Sheer Jumper ~ Oxfam Charity Shop, Black Vest ~ Marks & Spencers, Black & White Stripe Skirt ~ ASOS via ebay, Striped Footless Tights ~ Marks & Spencers, Green Lip Print Shoes ~ ASOS}

When this skirt came on the ASOS website I fell in love. I am a huge monochrome stripe fan and vertical stripes are the holy grail in my opinion. Unfortunately I was strapped for cash at the time and it sold out. I've seen it on loads of other bloggers, so sorry to bore you with it. When I saw it pop up on ebay I was ecstatic and couldn't help but grab it up. I am not disspointed it is super comfy and goes with everything in my wardrobe.

Sorry for the derpy face I was exhausted when this was taken. I wish I had a better shot of my winged eyeliner. It was the first time I used my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, which is fab.

The very best thing about this outfit imho is the shoes. I love shoes, but as someone with size 9 (UK) size feet finding nice shoes can be difficult. I check the ASOS website often because very occasionally something nice pops up in my size, but it won't be there for very long I can assure you.

I love the lip print and pointed toe on these. They're comfy and quite stylish if I do say so myself!

Sorry about the scars, but that's just how my skin is.

Monday, May 07, 2012

OotD: An Oldy, But a Goody.

As soon as I got my cast off last month, I immediately starting trying to dress up again, which was bizzarre after 3 months of dressing only in sweats and pyjamas. I still struggle a bit with being bothered. When you're in pain, getting dressed up nicely can seem like the last thing you want to do.

Other days, when I felt a little more lively I couldn't wait to wear all the items I couldn't when I had a cast: leggings, skinny jeans, cute skirts, tights, etc.

So here are some old pictures I thought I'd deleted by accident of me dressing up when I was still on crutches.

{Striped Top ~ Next, Black Skirt ~ Some shop in Amsterdam, Grey Leggings ~ Next, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

Our beagle, Dylan, is a photoshoot diva and my mum usually ends up taking more pictures of him than of me!

This top makes me feel ultra femme with an edge, so I, of course, had to wear my Illasmasqua "Femme" lipgloss. It is really gorgeous and intense in real life. Just the right pop of colour to go with my monochrome outfit.

This is why I love my mum taking my photo she always makes me do something silly! Check out my old glasses.

More Dylan, looking innocent, like he wouldn't bite you for no reason and destroy everything not nailed down in the house.

Sorry for the boring post, dolls! I'll try to update more regularly from now on. :)