Monday, December 10, 2012

OotD: Shocking (Pink)

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Studded Sweater Tunic ~ SimplyBe
Pink Leggings ~ Gisela Ramirez
Black Heels ~ Brantano
Studded Tartan Alice Band ~ New Look
Lipstick ~ Beauty UK in Vampire

Bonus outfit post! I am on fire these days!

Maybe I should have worn a skirt or shorts, but fuck it I felt like wearing this.

I do wish this tunic was 1 or 2 inches longer though because I'd love to wear it with tights.

Photobombed by my usually camera shy cocker spaniel, Eccles.

I bought this lipstick because it was £3.49 and called Vampire, how could I resist? I put it on not expecting much, but its actually great. The colour, formula and wear is suprising beyond its price tag. I might have to pick up a few other colours. 

 Also, I cannot get over how much I love Illamasqua's liquid eyeliners if I had money I'd buy one of each colour. The white is called Scribe, applies super easy and sticks around all day. Perfect.

I think the whole outfit would have looked cooler with creepers, but I just bought these shoes and I love them, so once again fuck it.

My mother went to pick up something from Argos in Glossop, I went along out and we saw they had a Next and a Brantano, which we thought we'd have a nosy in. I did not even expect to see a size 9 section let alone the size 10 ladies section that was there! I tried nearly every size 9 on, but these were my favourites.

I've been wanting similar shoes from Hush Puppies for aaaaaages. These were about a quarter of the price and are so comfortable, so may be a regular feature form now on.

Have I waxed lyrical about these leggings before? I'd like to just say I wish I'd bought them in every colour because they're super comfortable, high waisted with legs long enough to tuck into shoes, where as most leggings come up cropped on me. I'm not even that tall!

Bonus dog pictures.

Dylan, absolutely filthy after a good, long walk.

Hope you guys are having a good winter/holiday season. :)

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