Saturday, June 30, 2012

OotD: Green as the Grass Grows.

Green Lace Dress ~ASOS Curve
Dark Green Tights ~ Marks & Spencers
Floral Flats ~ Evans
Glasses ~ KissKill

I have this dress for so long! Almost two years I think and this is the first time I wore it. Ooops! I really have to get out of the habit of saving clothes for special occasions.

I'm definitely going to be worn a lot more as it fits like a dream and is so comfortable. My mother has her eye on it too! One of our biggest tick boxes when buying clothes is pockets and this dress has lovely deep pockets. :)

This got pulled out of the closet because of my recent growing obsession with the colour green. I think because of my red hair green really pops on me. Its making me pretty happy as green is a favoured colour of mine.

Nail Polish ~ Barry M ~ Black & Spring Green

I put this up on tumblr a few days ago because it amuses me how everytime my mum and I take photos, it always ends up with either me playing with dogs instead of showing off the clothes or as above pretending to be a dinosaur! I love my mum, we bring the silly streak out in each other.

Also, here are some silly dog pictures featuring my silly dogs:

The beagle is called Dylan and the cocker spaniel is called Eccles.

Hope you guys are tip top! xxx

Obligatory Domino Dollhouse Post

I will just leave you guys with pics of the pieces I will be dying to get my hands on from the Domino Dollhouse Urban Mermaids Collection.


Gotta say from the styling, prints and cuts? Its like they designed this collection just for me.

What do you guys think? What pieces are you in love with?

Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Small Hiatus

Hey, everyone. 

As I changed the name of the blog I thought I'd be posting more. This unfortunately has not been the case. I caught this virus that's been going around, its like a really slow flu with terrible earache and pain in the limbs and head. I had queued up some posts so I'm glad the blog hasn't been totally abandoned. Now, I have no more queued posts, but I am getting a little better.

A few weeks ago my great uncle was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We thought he'd have a month or two, but he got worse very quickly. He passed away yesterday. Thankfully he wasn't in pain towards the end. I'll be attending his funeral next Friday, so I probably won't be posting until after that. I'm sure you all understand that.

Hope you are all doing alright.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

OotD: Florals, My Way.

An ootd from many weeks ago that I forgot about! Hope you like it. :)

 {Slip Dress ~ ASOS Curve, Floral Cropped Trousers ~ ASOS Curve, Grey Cardigan ~ Gerry Webber, Creepers ~ Underground, Glasses ~ KISSKILL}

I hate florals. There, I said it! Spring/Summer trends tend to be rather boring to me as I also am not a huge pastel fan.

Then I saw these trousers. And I fell in love. Unfortunately I had no cash, thankfully I sweeped them up in the sale. The print is quite abstract and acidy, so its not florals as I know them. They're not sugary and sweet at all.

I have to say, even though I adore these trousers, the dress is my favourite part of this outfit. It is so comfortable and simple, I can just throw it on and I'm good to go. I don't wear dresses super often, but I wore it about 5 times in the three weeks after I bought it.

How do you guys feel about florals and there yearly recurrence?

Friday, June 01, 2012

Bottle Blonde to Racy Redhead.

First three photos are from the day my hair was dyed, last two after a few washes.

What do you guys think of the new look?