Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dull Days

I made this set on polyvore this morning as I had a huge yearning to wear this kind of outfit. I have become more fashion orientated in the last year or so but its never hit me how much I love to express myself through how I look untill I broke my leg. I can't wear my favourite jeans, leather trousers, tights or super maxi skirts. At first I didn't mind, I was just happy to be out of hospital and to have only a broken leg. I am pretty lucky considering, I know that. This does not stop the frustration of not being able to do so many things.

So today, I dressed up. Well, as much as one can when one has a broken leg and is exhausted just from showering.

{Maxi Dress ~ Dorothy Perkins, Crutches and Cast ~ Stepping Hill Hospital}

Sorry for the terrible picture. My mum was sleepy and I was in pain during the whole process. :s

 {Face ~ Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer in Alabaster, Nurture Translucent Face Powder, Eyes ~ Barry M Supper Softe Eye Crayon No. 1, Maybelline Collosal Vollume Cats Eye Mascara, Lips ~ Pixi Lip & Line Primer,  Illamasqua Lipstick in Perlious}

When the Illamasqua sale was on I grabbed a few bits and bobs including a lipstick in Perilous, which you can see here. I have always felt a bit funny about orange lipstick. I associate with my grandmother who I don't hold fond memories of. But at half price, I thought I'd give it a go. I'm really glad I did.

 I find this a shade which is very wearable. Less hassle than a red, more interesting than a pink! I'm actually quite impressed that this goes so well with my skintone too.

The formula of Illamasqua lipstick is slightly drying, but I've never been a fan of overly moisturising lipsticks. I tend to be annoyed with how wet they feel!

{Haha, sorry about my foot and crutches in the background!}

The packaging of Illamasqua products are classic, black and feel sturdy, which is a definite plus for me as i tend to drop things a lot. As one of these lipsticks generally runs at £15.50 I did perhaps expect a little bit more out of the packaging, but at half price I can't complain.

This is a swatch of perilous in the half light I'm afraid. I would say that it is a "bright apricot orange" with a matte finish, just like it says on the Illamasqua website. I am very interested in the now back in stock Flare shade, which seems to be a very bright orange.

I am getting a new cast on Monday and then off to Wales! So excited to be on one level again. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Less Conversation

Last Tuesday my mother and I made a run for it. We travelled to our bungalow in Wales for a week as its one floor and so easier for me to get around on crutches. We had to come back for today as I had a hospital appointment to get a full plaster put on my leg. I can get it signed now! Haha, I feel like such a kid.

While I was away, a big boots order came! Mmmmm..... Make-up!
I've tended towards black eyes and red lips if I do make-up at all, so I wanted a bit of a change. So I got a little Boots 17 eye trio called Dolly Mixture, which has pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue in it. Bit out there, but I like it. I'd swatch but the light here has gone, as you can see from these pictures.

Apologies for the pictures, but there were taken in bad light using my webcam. I am a night owl and tend actually do things evening to night time. I am a mess in the morning.

I used the pastel pink over one eye and under the other and did the same with the pastel yellow on the other eye. I've seen a lot of make-up blogs where people sort of reverse colours like this, but they put a lot more effort in! I actually really like this colour way and the 17 eyeshadow is supprisingly pigmented for its price point.

The pink really doesn't show up in long shots. :(

I used Model's Own lip balm in Blackberry on my lips. I tend to shy away from purple, especially dark purple lips so I thought this would be an easy way to ease into this look. The formula is divine! So moisturising and you can make it very sheer or a little more opaque if you slick more on. It stains a bit too so even if you're lax in reapplying (hi, that's me) you still get pretty good colour.

I am probably going back to Wales in the next few days, where we might be getting some broadband (maybe) so I cannot say if I'll be blogging or not.

Hope everyone is having a good time. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

FotD: Low Key Ice Queen

I cannot really dress up all that often with my leg in a cast and my life isn't quite rife enough with drama to be all that entertaining. So I've been thinking about ways I can still blog because I do love it. The blogs I like the most are personal style and beauty blogs. I am no make-up artist, to be honest I only worked out blush a couple of months ago. But I have time and I just put down a nice little order at Illamasqua and Boots, so maybe I'll be doing some swatches and looks over the next few weeks.

The day I had my accident a package arrived. A bright pink package from Lime Crime. I only just remembered about it today, but I was bored so I had a little play.

{Lipstick: No She Didn't ~ Lime Crime, Eyeshadow: Navajo ~ Bobbi Brown, Island Sea ~ No7, Glitter Liquid Eyeliner: 15 ~ Barry M, Mascara: Lash 360 ~ No7}

I should have stuck some foundation on, but I am lazy and tbh I don't care that my skin looks terrible. ;)

Lots of people have ccommented on the formula of Lime Crime lipsticks and though I don't care for their business practices I have no problems with the lipstick itself. It doesn't particularly dry out my lips.

I got a number seven free gift from Grandmother like every year. I was a bit dissapointed by the eyeshadow. It looks like a nice metallic blue, but acheives an incredibly sheer look. So if you like subtle it could be the eyeshadow for you. I tend not to go subtle if I do make-up..... As you may be able to tell.

I love this liquid eyeliner. My hands aren't the steadiest in the world, so I always thought I would never be able to do liquid eyeliner. This glitter formula is great to work with though and could be smudged over the eyeshadow to give a more high glitter sheen. Barry M are my make-up bffs though.

I hope to get better at photography and will put a bit more effort in now I have more time.

Anyone recc any interesting beauty blogs or youtube accounts?

Monday, January 09, 2012

A Blog Break? *Bah-Dum-Cha*

On Friday 6th January at 3pm I decided to pick up Dylan, my mum's beagle puppy and carry him downstairs and out the back for a bathroom break. He will not walk downstairs, he's pretty scared of going downstairs.

As I walked down I slipped slammed my heel down into the stairs and wall. To cut a long story short, I've broken my ankle. But don't worry, the puppy is fine!

I got out of hospital yesterday after having surgery on Saturday and physio on Sunday morning. I cannot put weight on my leg for at least 6 weeks, which means I'll be staying in Stockport with my family until I'm fixed up.

Sign my cast? :P

I'll keep blogging, but whether this is super regularly because I'm bored or very rarely cos I'm pretty sleepy/in pain I don't know. Whichever way it goes, there is sure to be more pictures of dogs and casts.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Ootd: New Shoes, Bye Bye Blues.

 {Chaplin T-Shirt ~ ASOS, Black Jeans ~ Lucia via Helen Winterson's, Purple Glitter Heels ~ ASOS, Cream Nail Varnish ~ Load by Illamasqua}

I got these gorgeous purple glitter shoes and awesome Chaplin shirt from my mother for Christmas. As a woman with size 9 feet finding cute shoes can be hard. The selection at ASOS is slim, but occasionally you get absolute gems like these. I have wanted glitter heels since I saw those silver Miu Miu peep toes so many months ago and I never thought I'd be able to get them. I've been dancing around my mum's kitchen in them all day. Just looking down makes me so happy!

I love my mother's photography skills. I am very stiff and nervous in front of camera's, but my mother takes shots as I move and sometimes they come out pretty beautiful. I think the background helps a lot though!

These shoes may become as ubiquitous as my Creepers in this blog! I love them that much.

As far as fit goes, I have a wide foot and they're a little tight, but nothing actually painful. I can't review them for comfort properly as I never wear heels so I'll be learning in these! They're worth it to me.