Friday, September 23, 2011


Wish List

Ok, not many ootd from me recently. That is because I have been wearing dungarees or sweats and t-shirts for over a week now. Not a good look. But I thought I should update and I have been meaning to do a wishlist for a while.

Here's want I desperately want, but cannot afford this A/W '11:

Wish List
I keep trying to put a comprehensive list of the items here, but my formatting keeps messing up, but its all on polyvore.
What are you guys dying to buy at the moment?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Overdue Explanations and an OotD: Finally a Blazer.

Right, so I have dissapeared for quite some time with absolutely no warning and I am really sorry, but I did have my reasons.

After I came back from Leeds festival (which was spectacular btw), my dog Badajoz was very, very ill. By the Wednesday he couldn't get up the stairs on his own so we had to take him to the vet to be put down. This, of course, was very upsetting and was particuarly hard on our other dog, Eccles, who couldn't understand where his friend had gone. So me and my mother went off to Wales with Eccles on an unplanned holiday. I was unfortunately pretty ill as we left and for most of the holiday. It seemed I had flu and a chest infection most of the time as well as falling over twice and retwisting my already swollen ankle.

But, there was some sunshine in this time. My 21st birthday was on the 2nd September and it was lovely. The sun was shining and we went to Castell Deudraeth for lunch, which was exquisite. Really oysters, steak and chocolate terrine, what more could a girl want? Well, something nice to wear perhaps? My mother bought me a lovely and so very me dress which I wore on the day.

The dress is Sahara and cought from Helen Winterson. It reminds me a bit of Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania pieces. But that may just be my mind trying to get me some Viv despite my size and financial err difficulties with that.

Today, I went with my mother into Marple. It was cold so I decided a good time to try my new a/w '11 staple of dress, tights and blazer/coat. Seriously I want this to be my look.

{Dress ~ Marks and Spencer Autograph, Jersey Blazer ~ Next, Floral Tights ~ Marks and Spencer, Black Sandals ~ Marks and Spencer}

Then, as you can see, it became beautifully sunny. Thankfully without the blazer this outfit is cool enough for a sunny but blustery day.

I have been looking for a decent blazer for months now. I keep seeing gorgeous fatshionistas in them and I was inspired. Unfortunately I hate the suit jacket. The polyester, the stiff material, the black. I was scarred by my speech evenings at school and my awful school uniform. So I was delighted to see the jersey, soft drape and unstructured look of blazers in fashion magazines and I hoped and prayed some plus size stores would get there act together and make me something beautiful.

I didn't think Next would be the one to do it. I believe they do a larger plus range online, but in store it seems 20 and the occasional 22 is as big as they go. In jackets for some reason I have to size up to a 22/24, so colour me surprised when this nifty little 20 fit perfectly. I am in love. The lapels, the pocket detail, the 3/4 length sleeves. Gorgeous.

Here's a shot sans blazer. I know, I know. The placing of the waist shows off my big tum and small boobs. To be honest, I don't care. This is so comfy and its a dress I feel good in (rare occurence). So fuck flattering. :)

Oh, and I am addicted to Polyvore these days. Here is my profile, drop me a line if you want.

How have you guys been? Anyone else super excited about autumn/winter and its fashion possibilities?