Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OotD: Careless Clashing

{Lipstick ~ Rimmel in Sugar Plum, Hairspray ~ Kevin Murphy}

{Navy and White Racer Back Vest ~ Marks and Spencers, Coral Skinny Jeans ~ Dorothy Perkins,  Brown Cardigan ~ Helen Winterson's, Creepers ~ Underground}

I'll be honest with you. In these pictures I'm wearing a strapless bra because I'm too lazy to do my washing up. At least I haven't got to Liz Lemon proportions, no swimsuits as underwear for me yet!

I love my vests and am always a bit put out when its winter. So when my mum to walk the dogs and I decided to join her she told me to wear this cardigan of hers. I thought it would look awful with my otherwise colourful outfit. Weirdly I quite like it.

I have been on a posting spree lately. I doubt I'll be able to keep this up long term, but it gives me somthing to do at home. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Outfit of Boxing Day 2011!

Fairly stressful day today, but it is almost over.

I tend to be very liable to deep depression and high anxiety when I go home. To combat this I am trying to focus on self care. Some days that means doing a bit less, taking myself out of stressful situations or getting out of the house. Today it meant wearing my new faux leather trousers and feeling like a boss. ;)

{Fall From Grace T-Shirt ~ Topshop, Mock Leather Trousers ~ Gelco @ Gray and Osbourn, Black Nail Polish ~ MUA, Face ~ Result of talking to my grandmother too long}

These trousers are heavenly. My lovely mother bought me them for Christmas from the gray and osbourn sale. I have no hips and these do not sag or gape, they fit just perfectly. They also go up to a size 26! Though I'd suggest sizing up, so maybe just to a real life 24. Still pretty good. I love that my mum listens to me moan about clothes. I've been bemoaning the fact I couldn't find any fair quality, afforable leather (or faux leather) trousers, so what do I get for xmas? :)

Also, don't dismiss topshop because you're plus sized. I've got some of my most comfortable t-shirts from there. I fell in love with this one because of my current angels and Supernatural fixation. (coughMishaCollinscough) I am a size 20 and wear there size 16 t-shirts just fine. They never feel too small on me, but it depends if you like things oversized or snug I suppose.

I did a set on polyvore for my other presents

My Christmas Presents!

And I still haven't got my full pressies from my brothers yet, so that's something to look forward to. :)

Hope you all had wonderful holidays. xx

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope all the christmas celebrators are having a lovely day and is stuffed full of delicious food. Everyone else, I hope you're having a lovely Sunday. :)

I have ordered myself a few pressies. I am a huge fan of alternative make-up, so without doing any research I have ordered some Lime Crime products. Then I found Lillian's excellent beauty blog, which gives a rather disturbing view of Lime Crime's behaviour and bad products. This made me pretty sad as I'd just forked out some money for these products. Hopefully I'll be able to tolerate the products, but even if I love them I don't think I'll be ordering from them again.

I have also ordered a few things from Illamasqua, whose lipglosses look sumptious. There will be many pic of these when they arrive.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Here are some pictures of dogs:

The snoopy pics are from the free Snoopy's Fair app, which is like a snoopy version of farmville. Yes, I am very sad, but I really love Snoopy

Happy Holidays, all. :) xxx

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Confessions and a gothy little ootd.

I am sorry for my more than a month of silence. I will confess that I have bipolar disorder II, which on occassion makes self care the most important and only thing I am capable of. I have spent this month trying to sleep, eat, shower and get out of bed. It sounds ridiculous, but going outside, let alone wearing something blog worthy often seemed beyond my grasp.

I am now home in Manchester and in my family home, which often worsens my condition. I love my family, but they make me crazy sometimes!

Though this does mean I can get my mother to take pictures again. Here are todays:

 {Black Top ~ TK Maxx, Black Shorts ~ Florence and Fred at Tesco's, Black Tights ~ Marks and Spencers, Creepers ~ Underground, Necklace ~ ASOS}

Today I was in a fuck you mood. So I decided to wear a top I'd always wanted to wear as a dress and well wear it as a dress! I figured with shorts underneath for modesty's sake when playing with dogs it would be fine. I mean its got long sleeves and a fairly high neckline. So I went for it. I went to Tesco's to get some groceries for my mother and a woman stopped in front of me and said "Dear God." and walked away pretty fast. May have been about something else, but I kinda hope it was about my clothes. Today I felt like stepping out of the shadows which fat bodies are shoved into. I exist and I want to dress like this. :)

 {Lipstick ~ Topshop's "On the Town", Mascara ~ Maybelline Cat Eyes}

Who knows, it might have been about my bird's nest of hair! My hair went totally frizzy when I slept on it wet, so I backcombed the hell out of it and slicked on some war paint.

Eccles and Dylan playing on the lawn.

I love seeing my dogs. The beagle is new! He's 12 weeks old and called Dylan. He is a right little monster.

I will be posting a bit more reguarly from now on hopefully even if it is a random post about whatever is on my mind at that moment. I'm also thinking about changing my URL as I think I'm going for a more personal blog than one completely devoted to fashion and the plus size world. Hmmmm......

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am Super Rubbish.

This time last week I noticed I had £5 in credit at green man gaming, so I went through the bargain deals to see if anything struck my fancy. Nothing did, so I turned to the only place any girl should when she's looking for video game advice her oldest brother. He pushed me towards the 5th Elders Scrolls game Skyrim which had recently come out. Cue a week later, I have barely emerged from my video game induced haze. I haven't read a single blog post or worn an even remotely nice outfit since.

I am currently visiting my mother who has got a new puppy, there will be pictures on monday. :)

FAO geeks: I am a level 26 warrior-thief Imperial who has played a quite embarassing 54 hours who has killed 6 dragons. I LOVE THIS GAME.

Normal service will resume soon enough. :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ootd: Monochrome Stripes

My flatmate took some photos of me on Monday, but I haven't put them till today because I've been feeling a bit run down. Plus on Monday my flatmate and I witnessed a pretty bad car accident and we were both really shook up and I forgot we'd taken photos till I just looked at my camera. Suffice to say I will be much more carefull crossing the road in town from now on.

Anyway, onto the clothes.

 {Black and White Stripe Jumper ~ Vintage, Black Knit Skirt ~ John Lewis for Women, Black and White Tights ~ eBay, Dog Brooch ~ Cath Kidston, Black Heels ~ Long Tall Sally, Silver Hoop Earrings ~ Accessorise}

I am the kind of person who rushes home from the shops, giddy and planning outfits for the next day. If I have something new it will either be worn straight away or put at the back of my wardrobe and I'll feel guilty for not wearing it as much as I should.

This vintage jumper I bought at the vintage fair was thankfully in the first category. I saw black and white and decided to go monochrome, one of my favourite looks.

You can also see the wonderful carpet and curtains in my flat. This is not my own choice. Haha.
I love this skirt and don't wear it enough. It is super comfortable and very versatile. Though from what I've seen recently I haven't been able to find anything above a size 16 in store for John Lewis for Women. This is a little sad as they had some nice things and there aren't any other plus size retailers working in the John Lewis I visit apart from the lovely, but extremely expensive Chesca. 

I also did a set on polyvore to find the best approximation of what I wore that day. Don't know if this will become a reccuring theme or just something I did due to boredom. ;P
OotD: Monochrome Flair

{Gold Resin Skull Ring ~ Made by Me, Nail Varnish ~ Shimmer by Next and Black Crackle by OPI}

First piece of jewellery I've made that I've also blogged about!

I made this golden resin skull and decided against turning it into a pendant like other resin pieces I've made. Instead I thought it looked really cool as a ring. I love big glittery unconventional rings. I think this fits that bill.

All the pink marks, lipstick tests. I wanted a bright pink, like Barry M 52 (I think?), but they didn't have it stock and I didn't like anything I tested as much.

Anyone else have the giddy compulsion to wear new items straight away?

Monday, November 07, 2011

OotD: A Multitude of Sizes

{Wasted Youth T-Shirt ~ Topshop, Black Skinny Jeans ~ Marks and Spencers, Bolero ~ Evans, Star Print Scarf ~ Vintage, Fingerless Gloves ~ Primark, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

Technically outfit of Saturday, but there we go.
It struck me as I put on the below sequin dress that sizing in shops is bizarre. In the above item I am wearing a size 16 t-shirt, size 20 jeans and a size 24 bolero.... That shouldn't happen right? That I can wear simultaneously a 16 and a 24? That is four sizes difference.

In a way it also tells me I shouldn't be constrained by the label in my clothes. Just because I am generally a size 20 deosn't mean I can't look at clothes smaller or bigger than that and as many plus sizers say "Make it work".

{Black Sequin Dress ~ Dorothy Perkins}

 I saw this dress in the window and before you know it I'm in the changing room. Suprising this dress is only about £30. Not bad for a sequined dress really. It is also really pretty in person, just the right amount of shine and glitter, so it isn't tacky.

Unfortunately I need a size up for comfort which they did not have in store. Plus I really shouldn't be spending at the moment even though I have an ASOS wishlist as long as my arm. Oh the midi skirts and jumpers.....

Anyone seen any other plus size sequin dresses about? Or are you guys hating this trend?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair --- Leeds

Today I went to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in the Corn Exchange in Leeds city centre.

I keep surprising myself with the things I will do that I could not do last year. Last year, I would have seen the poster, noted the name, looked at the website and desperately wanted to go. I would not have gone, last year. I would have been embarassed to go on my own, I would have been embarassed to take my large frame somewhere it might not be wanted. I would have been afraid of scorn and a room full of size 0 dresses and nothing else.

Thankfully, these days I talk myself into rather than out of events. I'm really glad I went. It was an interesting day out and I saw some really beautiful and inspiring pieces.

There was so much fur! I like fur and have no ethical problems with it. As far as I see if you eat it, why not be reasonable and use its whole body? Anyway, there were fur capes, vests, coats, shrugs, scarfs and collars. I have never seen so much fur.
Here are a few of my highlights:

Stripey  Maxi Dress ~ First XL item I saw. I got a bit excited. Not my type of dress, but I loved the print. As you may be able to tell I have found my camera, which is much better than my crappy phone camera.

Not plus sized, but I just loved it. There were quite a few sequined flapper dresses about, none of them plus sized unfortunately. I am on the look for a flapper dress as I think they are just beautiful.

Fell in love with this dress too. I love the vertical stripes, long sleeves, collar, knee length and the colour combination of black and olive. Gorgeous. Also tiny, but plenty inspiring.

There were quite a few 80s style oversized jumpers. Perfect for the plus sized among us. Also a lot of batwing and interesting colours and patterns. I loved these two the red and black is so my style and the blue is amazingly vibrant.

If this was an inch or so bigger they would have fit. Real shame as the record print is right up my street. They're also cullotte, which is pretty interesting.

Another stripey dress. I didn't realise I was so into vertical stripes until I looked at the pictures I taken today. I should so write a post about my love/hate relationship with stripes.

So many sequins, in so many fabulous colours. The sequins made me very happy.

This oversized striped (Stripes again!) black and white jumper is from Flock LDN. This looked like the only thing from their collection that would fit me, but everything was very beautiful. This jumper was only £12, which is great really as I would pay over double that on a site like ASOS. It is soft and warm. No doubt it'll come into high rotation over the winter.

Anyone else buy vintage? What is your best vintage/thrifted haul?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


As someone who is as jewellery obsessed as me I find it hard to believe I have yet to blog about jewellery at all.

I love jewellery. I love wearing, buying, staring at, designing and creating jewellery.

Inspirational Jewellery

Here is a selection of high end jewellery which inspires me.

I actually really want one of those sequin brooches as they are only £15, but they're currently sold out of S. :(

My greatest jewellery obsession at the moment is the collar. This ASOS example is beautiful. I especially like the ring detail at the front. As someone with a big neck this probably won't fit me. This is one of the reasons I want to go into jewellery design so I can make these amazing pieces for all sizes.

What jewellery are you lusting after at the moment?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

OotD: Sweater Dresses = Winter Staple

Just got back from my mum's place in Wales. Went with my parents and one of my brothers. (Who's been to Kenya recently and got me some really gorgeous bags and scarves that I must show on here.)

Eccles, my mum's cocker spaniel, insisted on being photographed.

{Grey Sweater Dress ~ Mint Velvet, Sequin Camisole ~ Marks and Spencers, Cable Knit Leggings ~ Next, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

 I live in sweater dresses over winter. They are my staple. They are so easy to layer. I think maybe next time I wear this example I'll try and find something with a high statement neckline. It could look pretty interesting.

This dress is lovely and comfortable even though its a size 18. I've often thought you could wear it without anything underneath if you wore the right undergarments, but I am not brave enough to try that one yet!

I apparently was very squinty yesterday. : / My mother very kindly took the photos.

Back to Leeds early tomorrow!

What are your winter wardrobe staples?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

OotD: Winter Shorts

I am a firm believer that shorts are not just for summer. Stick some tights and a jumper on and you have winter shorts.

 {Star Elbow Patch Jumper ~ ASOS, Red Shorts ~ Florence & Fred at Tesco, Grey Cable Knit Leggings ~ Next, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

My eldest brother took these pictures inside as it was already dark out. I asked him how I could show the elbow patches on this jumper off. He struck this pose. I could not resist doing the same. Silly, but awesome.

I adored these red shorts during the summer, but think my denim may come out for winter.

Going to wales tomorrow with my parents and one of my brothers, so no new posts till Tuesday.

Anyone else love wearing shorts during autumn/winter?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off Topic: Beagles!

My mum is buying a new dog. She decided the breed would be beagles. So I had to come home to visit them in the Carnforth area. They're called Fallowfield Beagles. Christine the breeder was lovely and we saw the two 5 week old beagles dogs to choose from. We would have gladly taken both!

I, of course, tried to take pictures, but was largely unsuccessful. They were so wriggly and bouncy!

The first four terrible pictures are mine. The last is off the Fallowfield Beagle website. We chose the little guy on the left in the last picture, who is also the dog in the third picture chewing my mother's fingers. The other pictures are all of the other beagle. I couldn't get a good shot of ours he was jumping around and playing too much. He was totally gorgeous. :)

Its going to be pretty strange though. This is the first dog my parents have had which isn't also my dog. Living in Leeds will mean I am not a huge part of this dog's life, which makes me a bit sad. I'm sure when I do see him it will be lovely and I'll still be a part of his family.

Are you guys dog people or cats types?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OotD: Edgy Tan

{Distressed Grey Top ~ Next, Tan Trousers ~ Marks and Spencers, Long Cardigan ~ Next, Creepers ~ Underground UK}

I have for many years hated tan, infact anything brown was immediately dismissed. I am slowly questioning this thought process and trying to be open minded about fashion.

There has been a lot of camel and neutral tones in the shops recently and I thought it was about time I tried to incorporate these colours into my wardrobe as I have been quite attracted to them as of late. One of the main reasons I have rejected brown/tan is because I believed it did not fit my aesthetic, which tends to live on the edgy/rocker side of the line.

I bought these trousers at M&S and fell in love. They are so comfy. They are as comfy as leggings. I was seriously impressed, but still a little recitent. So I paired them up with a distressed, beat up grey t-shirt, a long cardigan and my creepers to make them less preppy. I think I have made tan trousers a bit more me.

Sorry for the bad picture this was at the end of a very long dog walk. :)

Here is a quick (very bad) picture of me after being to the Bobbi Brown counter at John Lewis. Unfortunately it was dark when I got back, so the magic the lady at the counter did is not so evident.

I have red tinged skin. I have had bad skin since I was about eleven. I had a pretty turbulent adolescence and did nothing about my skin. It didn't matter to me, there were bigger things at play. I didn't take care of myself at all. In the grand scheme of things I didn't matter and I suffered in many ways, but the damage of my skin is the most visible long term effect.

Recently, I have become a lot happier. I feel I have a lot more control in my life and I have been taking much better care of myself. I try to eat better, get out more and have set up a skincare regime. I even splashed out on Lush products so I can take luxurious baths now and again. I am trying to create some 'me-time'. I don't think that's self indulgent. I think its good for your mental health.

I will blog about my purchases tomorrow as they are so beautiful they need a post of their own. But I will say I have in this picture tinted moisturiser, eye brightner and blush from Bobbi Brown on. I feel gorgeous. This does not happen to me often.

Anyone splashed out recently, on clothes or cosmetics?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

OotD: Colour Blocking and Midi Length

 {Colour Block Dress ~ Evans, Midi Length Cardigan ~ Next, Brown Ankle Boots ~ Clarks, Sparkly Tights ~ Marks and Spencers}

Ok, I have been pretty demotivated recently clothes wise (polyvore has distracted me) and tomorrow I am going home to Manchester. Hopefully I'll wear something more exciting while I'm there. I thought I'd at least show you how I styled this dress from this previous post.

I bought this long cardigan last year, but never wore it. I think it may become a staple for me this winter. It is really comfy and I like the length. This dress is quite short for me, so putting something longer over it helps me to become more comfortable with wearing shorter dresses.

Once again thanks to my flatmate for taking the picture.

I adore these boots. I got them at John Lewis, where they do not sell size 9s even though Clarks do go up to that size. I checked on the Clarks website at the time and they were sold out of my size. So when I went back to John Lewis I tried a size 8 in desperation. They do fit, but I couldn't walk all day in them. I love them so much, a little discomfort doesn't bother me. I can no longer mock women who wear high heels so tall they hurt their feet though. I am just as bad.

How are you guys? Anyone else ever bought shoes a size too small just because they love them? Don't leave me hanging, guys!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beauty Finds: Sleek Pout Paint

 I saw on Sunday Girl that Superdrug were having a sale on some day and night vitamin e creams. I am trying to get into a better skin care routine, but I figured I may as well buy a cheaper option incase I fall out of the habit. Less money wasted that way.

While I was there I, of course, checked out the make-up. I love make-up, but get a bit bored with the whole red/pink/nude lip and dark eyes thing. Sometimes its nice to be unusual or change it up a bit.

So I was delighted when looking at the Sleek stand that they had blue lip paint. Yes, blue, like really blue. The colour is called Peek-A-Bloo. I had a sparkly light blue lipstick with matching nail varnish my mother bought me from John Lewis when I was young. I adored it and couldn't understand why so many make-up stands didn't have colourful lipsticks.

So seeing this was really exciting for me.

 On, the pout paint is really lovely. A good texture, not sticky, not drying and you only need a very small amount to get full coverage. It says on the tube you can mix it with other colours from the range, so you can be sure I'll be going back to pick up some more.

It is also very bright! I was surprised as I mostly get dissapointed by lip products being a more muted shade than I expected. I cannot wait to wear this out and about.
Only problem is it really makes me want to dye my hair blue again. I love the dark blue I had a few years ago. That or lilac. Hmmm....

I also visited Lush, which is like my happy place. It smells gorgeous, has wonderful products and the friendliest, most helpful staff you will ever find. I think I'll review a few products as I use them.
I went into Lush to get this solid "The Smell of Freedom" perfume. I hadn't even smelled it. As a libertarian, I just loved the name! But it does smel really nice. Not floral or sweet like a lot of perfume. Very natural. I cannot describe it well enough.

I never intended this blog to be about beauty products at all, but I figure if I try something I may as well share if its any good or not. I am not the best with make-up, but maybe being able to blog about it will give me the impetus to be better.

Bought any nice beauty products lately? Has any tried any other Sleek products?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OotD: Kooky Art Student

I am back from Wales, where I had a fabulous time with my mother and our dog, Eccles. Lots of beach walks and time to chat with my mother, which is always great.

I got back yesterday, slept badly, felt a bit rough, so I decided to dress up to pick up my mood. Tuesday's are fashion lesson days at Leeds College of Art, so decided to let out my inner art student. This came out a bit odd/mismatched, but I adores it. Sometimes I forget that fashion can be fun too.

 {Animal Print Cardigan ~ Florence and Fred at Tesco, Benedict Cumberbatch T-Shirt ~ Ebay, Leatheretter Pleated Skirt ~ Primark, Hot Pink Leggings ~ Gisela Ramirez, Bow Headband ~ Claire's Accessories, Flowery Boots ~ Alegria}

I was going to do a fun face of make-up to go with, but ran out of time after taking awhile to choose my clothes. Story of my life. I am usually either in interesting clothes or interesting make-up, hardly ever both because I am sloooooow and never give myself enough time.

I have never worn this cardigan before, but the buttoning the top button is quite cute, quirky and retro, so it may come into a rotation a bit more.

I said awhile ago I would review my Gisela Ramirez haul from the sale, but a quick word on the leggings. COMFORTABLESEXYWICKEDCOOL. Seriously, I am still wearing them now. I may never take them off. This probably means I will buy the other colours now. Bye bye, frugal days.

Thank you very much to my flatmate who took the pictures. She's a star and posts her cool anime-style art on tumblr, a website I do not understand.

Sorry for the terrible shot of my boots. They are like the flowery doc martens you can get but in Alegria's style. Satin ribbons laces too!

I bought them in a shop in Pwllheli called Osborne Footwear this weekend while in Wales. I cannot reccomend these guys enough. They are a lovely couple, who are always very accomodating and friendly. They also remembered me from the few times I have been there over the summer. The lady even remembered my shoe size and the fact i had expressed interest in these Alegria boots. I own a pair of Alegria sandals and they are so comfortable and always get a compliment. I had probably mentioned my interest a month ago, possibly more and she brought out the size 9 boots which had just come in.

It was fate.

I popped them on and fell deep in love. I thought the leggings or the bow would get remarks from my fellow students, but the boots stole the show.

How are you guys? Anyone been playing dress up recently?